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Tajai Publishing is proud to release Gloria Fluker's first book entitled, 

"Straight From The Heart: A Collection Of Thoughts"


From the beginning to the end, "Straight from the Heart" draws you into the relationship drama, the highs and lows of emotional affairs. It's like dipping into the beef stew and finding all the meat.

The poems both inform and intrigue. The characters tell vivid stories about their desires, inner conflicts, pain, exotic destinations, promises made and promises broken; and trying to get you to pause and stand back to see relationships that are going nowhere! Mold teaches a lesson. The longer you ignore a problem, the more widely it proliferates.

Straight from the Heart lets you know that you have all the cards and that you have your finger on the pulse of relationships. Use your energy wisely and find ways to capitalize on friendships and connections. 

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About the Author


"Education is your passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today."


Malcolm X 

Gloria J. Fluker was born in Texas and raised in Los Angeles, California. She was recruited to Eugene, Oregon, where she attended the University of Oregon. She received her M.S. in Counseling and her B.S. in Elementary Ed. She retired from a career as a Parole and Probation officer after 22 years.


She enjoys delivering services to elementary, middle and high school girls, time with her two grandchildren, music, dancing, and the serenity of the ocean. She also enjoys reading poetry and mysteries and having stimulating interactions with others. 

"Straight From The Heart: A Collection of Thoughts" is her first book. Take a moment and think about a time when you're having trouble finding words to express yourself. Know that you are not alone. Then walk through Straight From the Heart and receive the new gifts life has in store.

Ms. Fluker has written poems that are straight from the fiber of human emotion. The words are enlightening, persuasive and powerful. You will feel the pain, anger, tension, sadness, and loneliness of a flawed relationship.

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